Green Belt

The color green is like the grass and trees. It has developed roots and now it grows and begins to tower over the land. It is a time of sturdiness, growth, and reliability. Green is also the first rank color of the intermediate stage of your training, and shows that the basics of white and yellow belt can now be used. Green Belts are given more flowing movements and are shown about the energy of water. After you plant a seed in the ground, it is time to add water to make it grow big and strong.

Water can be anything! If you fill a glass with water, it turns into the shape of the glass. Being able to move in new ways that you may not expect will make up a lot of your classes.

As with the yellow belt, the green belt has four ranks. For a green belt at the school this is a time where the young martial artist should start to learn about leadership. Why? because in class you will now have white and yellow belts looking to you for direction and movement.

If you want to be a good martial artist, you must set a good example for beginning students. This is linked to the second tenet of the martial arts—Integrity.

Green Belt Curriculum

Green Belt One Stripe Curriculum

Green Belt Two Stripes Curriculum

Green Belt Three Stripes Curriculum