Distance-learning resources

Teens Program, ages 10–14

Forms curriculum

The following forms lessons were filmed during an online Forms Seminar  on May 23, 2020. The videos are intended to support at-home practice and learning of a students’ rank form while the San Francisco Dojo is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope our students can utilize the practice sessions to keep working on their rank form, and remember previous forms.

To view the written steps to each form, short videos of each form as it is to be performed, and the techniques learned at each rank, please click through the Teens Curriculum page, choosing the belt your student is *currently* wearing.

View a big-picture overview of the Teens Program rank belt curriculum here. Consider downloading and printing it for visual motivation!

*Below the forms lessons are a collection of hour-long classes that begin with a 30 minute warmups/stretching, and include a 30 minute martial arts lesson. These videos are intended to support students who cannot make it to the regularly-scheduled daily Zoom classes, or would like extra practice. 

Basic Form: White Belt

Chon-Ji: Yellow Belt

Gravity: High Yellow Belt

Terra Moto: Green Belt

Riverbed: High Green Belt

Attitude: Blue Belt

Waterfall: High Blue Belt

Teen Class: 60 minutes