At Quantum, our focus is on teaching Martial Arts as an art. Within that, you will find not only practical self-defense, but body conditioning, self-confidence, self-discipline, flexibility, endurance, body awareness, coordination, balance, and focus. Quantum is designed as a healing center with the martial arts as its heartbeat.

Classes begin with an intense round of calisthenics and flexibility training, followed by martial arts instruction. Our classes are open to people of all skill levels and experience. Please, feel free to drop in and visit us at anytime!

The Quantum Style

Our goal at Quantum is to expose the martial arts practitioner to as many different ways of thinking as is feasible. All cultures have their own fighting styles; some have been developed by borrowing from other styles and some are uniquely original. The Quantum Style of martial arts is a blend of many different ways, but is also unique. Master Rachael Evans has been pursuing her martial arts for over thirty years, and Quantum Martial Arts reflects that rigorous pursuit. Quantum is a blend of hard and soft styles, a study of straight lines and circles, and explores the use of boxing as well as grappling.

Our hard-hitting, far-reaching kicking style has its roots in TKD, which is known for its explosive energy. Our sense of movement, however, comes from Kung Fu styles such as Tai Chi and Wing Chun, where we focus on giving nothing away. Concepts of redirecting energy and conservation of motion are taken from Aikido and the stretching and calisthenics we do are influenced by Master Evans experience with yoga and Marine boot camp.

At the intermediate level of Green Belt and beyond, joint locks, manipulations, weaves, sweeps, and throws are incorporated into the curriculum. The inside trapping exercises we use blend the concepts of “chi sau” (“sticky hands” soft boxing) from Wing Chun and “pushing hands” from Tai Chi. Grappling and ground-fighting classes are offered to intermediate level students. These ground fighting and grappling techniques are taken from Judo (“the gentle way” a system of throwing and falling), Jiu-jitsu, and Hapkido (a Korean system of grappling or wrestling).

Although difficult to pin down, the Quantum spirit that moves through our blended tradition is strong and distinct. We are known for the intensity of our sparring and training, for our sense of humor, our community spirit, and for our focus on whole-body health and each individual’s journey through the martial arts.

Throughout their training, our students earn a well-rounded education in striking, grappling, and energy re-direction; our Black Belts have a strong understanding of fighting at any distance.

Nonprofit Martial Arts School in San Francisco's Mission District