Master Rachael Evans is the founder and chief instructor at Quantum Martial Arts, with over 35 years of martial arts experience. A sixth-degree black belt, she teaches a unique style of her own creation that blends Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Judo, and Arnis, among other styles, in a challenging and positive learning environment.

Inspired by Bruce Lee’s performance in the movie Enter the Dragon, Master Evans first studied Shito-ryu as a youth. Martial arts has been a constant in her life, through a journey that includes management, music, bookkeeping, and the U.S. Marine Corps. She took her first Tae Kwon Do class from Master Mark Karasek in Twentynine Palms, CA, and studied under him for five years before returning to Seattle to teach.

Master Evans opened Quantum Martial Arts on Capitol Hill in Seattle in March of 1995 with just 8 students and 8,000 square feet of space. Since then, the school has grown to well over 100 students and moved to its current larger location in First Hill, Seattle.

Master Evans moved to San Francisco and opened a second Quantum Martial Arts dojo in the Mission District in 2007. The school has since grown from a handful of Seattle transplants to a thriving program for all ages that continues to expand. The Quantum style continues to develop as well, as her experience with yoga, body work, and healing arts deepens.


Amy Popovich, Assistant Instructor, has been training with Quantum Martial Arts for twelve years, and has earned the rank of 1st Dan, Black Belt. As an Assistant Instructor, she brings with her 20 years experience practicing yoga, and a life-long love of dance and movement arts. As Board President and Communications & Design Director for Quantum, Amy brings 14 years experience in graphic design and copywriting for advertising, marketing, public relations, and publishing clients.

She holds an MA in Creative Writing and Publishing. Additional experience working with youth includes four years as a summer and environmental camp counselor, lifeguard, and swim instructor.


Michael Shehane, Assistant Instructor, has been training with Quantum Martial Arts since 2011 and has earned the rank of 1st Gup, high red belt. Unathletic as a kid, Michael came to Quantum unsure of how to move on the Dojo floor and wondering whether he could commit to a specific, disciplined practice. Over the past 8 years, the community of the dojo and the individualized, explicit instructions of Master Evans and Ms. Popovich has helped him focus his attention and advance his martial arts to what it is today.

His instruction focuses on developing body awareness by breaking down techniques step-by-step. He encourages students to push themselves, practice without judgement, and ask for feedback from instructors and peers. There is no one way to learn martial arts at Quantum.

He credits Quantum Martial Arts in helping him find his confidence, leading him to start his own business; he publicly speaks at Bay Area tech companies on the topic of effective communication skills and their importance in building productive, healthy company cultures.


Brad Lyons, Assistant Instructor, has been training with Quantum Martial Arts for seven years and holds the rank of 2nd Gup, red belt.

Prior to teaching at Quantum, he trained as a child with his father for 10 years in Tae Kwon Do and earned the rank of 1st Dan, black belt, in 1987 under Master Ryong Hwang in Indianapolis. Then life got busy and Brad took over 20 years off before returning to martial arts. During this time he grew into an adult, but the lessons of growing up in a dojo stayed with him and shaped the person he is today.

Brad has a degree from Purdue University in Engineering, an MBA from Loyola University of Chicago, and is currently Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Palmer Johnson Power Systems, an Off-Highway powertrain solutions provider.

Yasi Lowy, Volunteer Coordinator, has been training with Quantum Martial Arts for nearly 3 years, and has earned the rank of Fifth gup, high green belt.

Yasi got her BA at The Evergreen State College in 2016, and followed this by several years of traveling, ending up in San Francisco in 2018. Several short months after the move, Yasi found her way to the Quantum Dojo and began her training.

In addition to coordinating volunteers, Yasi spends her time writing and making music.