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Please note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we no longer offer drop-in classes, and all eligible prospective students will be asked to disclose vaccination status prior to entering the Dojo. 

Monthly dues

All monthly dues rates include unlimited classes, and Quantum offers 40 classes per week for all ages. When possible, attending 2-3 classes per week is recommended for successful results.  Monthly dues for all ages are in addition to a sliding-scale yearly membership fee.

Tuition at Quantum is currently listed at half its market value. If you are in a position to offer more than the rate marked below, every dollar will go towards providing martial arts classes that are accessible for all.

Adult (age 18+) monthly dues are $150 per month.

Teens (age 13-17) are invited to try the teen or adult class, but will pay monthly dues at the Kids & Teens rate regardless. Teens age 10–15 are invited to a specially-focused Teen Class five times a week.

For Kids & Teens (ages 6–17), monthly dues for the first student are $132 per month. 

For Quarks (ages 3.5–5), monthly dues are $120 per month.

Family discounts: Families training together will receive a discount of $15 off each family members dues.

Yearly membership

In addition to monthly dues, our annual membership levels are:

  • $40 – Currently enrolled college student, discounted rate
  • $60 – Minimum rate for adult Quantum Student
  • $80 – Quantum Family (covers unlimited family members training in the kids or adults programs)
  • $125 – Quantum Benefactor
  • $250 – Quantum Supporter
  • $500 – Quantum Patron
  • $1000 – Quantum Angel

Scholarships and Donations

As a not-for-profit organization, Quantum is a place where valuable training and life-skills are available to all. As such, we offer a sliding-scale tuition and a scholarship program to families and adults who qualify for assistance. Sliding scale tuition is established through conversation on the honor system. We do not require proof of need via paystubs or ask for families’ yearly income.

You don’t have to be currently training in order to support Quantum with a yearly membership. All instructors are volunteers and we survive on membership, donations, grants, and support from our community. Alumni, friends and family members, and patrons of the martial arts are encouraged to support our school with an honorary membership. No donation amount is too little or too large, and your gift is tax-deductible. Donations are accepted via PayPal, or contact Master Evans to arrange your donation today!

Questions on membership? Please contact us.