Rolling and Falling for Cyclists

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, the San Francisco Dojo is closed for in-person community trainings. If you’d like to learn more about our current virtual offerings, please see our schedule for more info, or contact us*

Do you ride a bike or motorcycle and want to learn how to fall safely? This workshop is for you! In this FREE workshop cyclists will have the opportunity to practice falling in a safe, padded environment. Rolling on the mat will train you to roll safely on the road as you learn to dive, survive, and return quickly to your feet.

Using techniques borrowed from Judo (“the gentle way”), you’ll practice dispersing energy as you hit the ground, avoiding direct impact on your joints and bones.

Diving rolls for distance throws, hard rolls for close-range impact, side falls and moving on the ground will all be covered. Partner movement drills will improve your reflexes, improving response time and honing the concept of living in the moment.

Training awareness and focus help the smart city cyclist and weekend adventurer be prepared to make life-saving decisions instantly.

For more info: visit the Facebook event page or email