Adult Curriculum

The Quantum style is a unique blend of Tae Kwon DoWing Chun, Judo, and Arnis, among other styles, with a focus on self-actualization, total body healing, and strength.

New students and beginners are always welcome, and your first week of classes is free!

Once enrolled, new students are asked to come to class at least two times a week to cultivate their training practice.  Intermediate students are encouraged to attend two to three times a week, and advanced students three to four. We currently offer online and limited in-person martial arts classes for adults seven days a week. Check out our class schedule for more information about our current class offerings!


Every six to eight weeks, there is a belt test to determine who is ready to move on to the next level.  In order to participate in testings, students must ask permission from the Instructor within the week preceding the test. Testings typically happen on Saturdays and Mondays, and begin with an in-depth community cleaning of the Dojo.

Quantum Belts

Click below on the belt you are currently wearing to find information about what you need to know for your next test.