Quarks Curriculum

Martial arts, motor skills, and movement play, for ages 4 – 5.

The Quarks program at Quantum is uniquely designed for our youngest karatekas. Classes begin with an obstacle course, include stretching and balance exercises, then target practice and martial arts line drills. All classes end with circle time where the class talks about the tenets of the martial arts: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

Class Description

Movement play games and martial arts exercises tailored to the unique needs of pre-K students are designed to develop and strengthen the neural connection between mind and body as kids discover where their body is, how to stay safe and recover quickly during playtime, learn right from left, and translate spoken directions into actions in their body. They will also learn soft social skills such as sharing, taking turns, following rules, telling the truth, controlling emotions, taking chances and trying new things, perseverance, and bravery.

Classes are 45 minutes long, and kids will be engaged in movement play, games, songs, motor skills exercises, and of course martial arts techniques that cultivate body-awareness, balance, and coordination during the crucial early developmental years. The Quantum Dojo has a large, open floor with a soft cushioned white mat, and is filled with natural light.

Martial arts classes provide excellent opportunities for kids to learn about boundaries and how to communicate needs to their peers and teachers. Martial arts can be great for shy, quiet, or reserved kids, giving them an opportunity to find their voice and express themselves with power through their bodies. Martial arts can also be a successful tool for kids who are showing signs of aggression or having trouble controlling their emotions through outbursts, tantrums, hitting or attacking parents, siblings, or kids at school, as the structure of the Dojo facilitates creating clear boundaries, and gives kids a safe place to physically express emotions by punching and kicking heavy bags and targets.