Kids and Teens Curriculum

Our kids and teens curriculum is distinct from our adult curriculum and is based on Tae Kwon Do, a Martial Art from Korea. Tae Kwon Do literally means “hand/foot/art.” In many TKD schools, tournaments are the main focus for the students to measure their progress and achievement. This is not the case at Quantum: we provide a place for young people to learn about discipline while having fun and releasing energy.


Every four to six weeks, there is a belt test to determine who is ready to move on to the next level. Students will be tested on the curriculum for their current belt, and depending how they do, will be promoted to the next rank. In order to participate in testings, students must ask permission from the Instructor no more than a week preceding the test. Testings will alternate between weekday and weekends, and take place during the regularly scheduled kids classes.

Belt Levels

In the kids and teens program there are two ranks in white belt and four ranks in each of the other colored belts. The higher rank is signified by a stripe of the color of the belt that follows. For example a High White Belt would be identified by a yellow stripe on the belt.

Click below on the belt you are currently wearing to find information about what you need to know for your next test.