Blue Belt

The color blue is a very cool color. It is the color of the sky, and it passively surrounds the Earth and trees. The Blue Belt student learns about the power of air, and how to pull what you need from the air around you. Learning to fly is the key to finding out about this color, and the Blue Belt soars to new heights in their training.

The cardinal element of the blue belt is air. From the air we get the oxygen we breath. Our breathing gives us life.

As a Blue Belt we should begin to study our breathing and learn to control it. This can keep us calm in difficult situations or help us generate tremendous power.

This is also a time for the student to begin refining their technique, and to contemplate on what they have been learning since they were a white belt.

As a Blue Belt you should no longer be “going through the steps” of your forms. You have trained long and hard, you should now aspire to fully understand your techniques and stances. You demonstrate this knowledge by doing your forms with grace and power. But to do this, you will first have to find your breath.

Blue Belt Curriculum

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