At the Intermediate Level, Quantum students begin learning exercises called Hubud, an empty-handed partner drill from the Filipino stick fighting art Arnis.

Below view a video of the beginning Hubud exercises performed by Master Rachael Evans and Assistant Instructor Amy Popovich. The four techniques are straight punch, inside knife-hand strike, outside knife-hand strike, and elbow strike. Each strike has a specific way to block and redirect. The exercises help a practitioner track their opponent while inside a trapping and grappling range.

Hubud exercises are in the Quantum curriculum at the following levels:

• Adult Program (ages 13+): Low Green Belt. At High Green Belt and above, variations are introduced.

• Teen Program (ages 10–14): High Green Belt.

• Kids Program (ages 6–9): Low Blue Belt.

Navigate the video:

• Straight punch: 0:00–2:20

• Inside knife-hand strike: 2:20–4:00

• Outside knife-hand strike: 4:00–6:50

• Elbow strike: 6:50–9:00