Yellow Belt

The color yellow is like seeds – And as you can see, there are four ranks to a yellow belt in the kids program indicated by the green stripes. So being a Yellow Belt is about showing patience.

Seeds don’t try to sprout during the winter, they are supposed to wait until springtime. There are five “elements” in Martial Arts and the first one you learn about is called “Earth”.

A martial artist is like a plant in the Earth. First a plant develops its roots, then it will begin to sprout and grow. This belt takes on the cardinal element of Earth, and is a time of being grounded.

As a yellow belt you will learn new techniques, six more one-steps, and 2 new forms. Wow, Thats a lot to learn! But knowledge is power.

So take your time, train regularly and continuously and you will develop a powerful foundation for your martial arts to grow on.

Yellow Belt Curriculum

Yellow Belt One Stripe Curriculum

Yellow Belt Two Stripes Curriculum

Yellow Belt Three Stripes Curriculum