Watch some highlights from 2019 Superhero Stunts Camp at Quantum Martial Arts! Thank you to our wonderful volunteers who made
My time in the Marine Corps You might think that boot camp and the subsequent discovery of my athletic self
In August 2018, Master Rachael Evans was invited to interview with The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast. She spoke with
— Quantum Martial Arts Philosophy to “Leave No Child Behind” Thrives in San Francisco; the USA’s Most Expensive City —
My hip odyssey began during the summer of 1969. I wasn’t quite five years old, and I was just a
Commitment and Discipline I know that when I consider these two words, they spark feelings of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction.
I’ve spent the better part of my life in a dojo; more accurately, I’ve spent a good deal of time
Fear is insidious. It permeates our consciousness, drags us down, gets blamed for bad decisions, and perpetuates its existence by
There are other aspects related to the search for technique; the second part lies in the application of movement. There
Although I had pursued martial arts for many years, it took over fifteen years for me to see myself as
The pursuit of Martial Arts has defined my life. My entire adult life has been spent passionately following a thing
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