New Student FAQ

The Quantum Dojo is a nonprofit community studio offering martial arts classes for all ages focused on self-actualization, total body healing, and strength. Please check out this FAQ to learn more about our orientation process and get a feel for if we’re the right fit for you.

Q: My child just turned 3, can they begin Quarks class?

A: If your child is just 3 years old, they are too young to get started right now. It has been our experience that 4 is the “sweet spot” for most kids. We’ve attempted to engage younger students in the past; however we’ve been unsuccessful reaching them with the message of discipline and structure.

Worse yet, it has frightened kids away, and created a negative experience as their introduction into the martial arts – this has stymied any future attempts to integrate them after they get older.

Q: My child turns 10 next month, should they begin in the kids or teens program?

A: This depends on your child, and where they’d feel the most comfortable. Let’s discuss this over email, or give us a call at (415)810-1420!

Q: How often am I expected to attend class?

A: The martial arts are like any art; they require consistency and repetition in order to bear fruit. Two days a week is enough for a student to see some growth, both in skill and strength as well as confidence over a short period of time. If a child only comes once a week, that growth never has a chance to materialize before they become bored or exhausted – they would literally feel like they’re starting over every week.

The 2x a week commitment is mandatory for quarks, and it is highly recommended for all other age groups. Students are also welcome to attend more frequently, though we recommend starting with no more than 2-3x a week, as we’ve seen it lead to burnout.

Q: What do I need to bring for my first class?

A: A water bottle, comfortable clothes you can move in, and for the time being, a face mask. We train barefoot, and you are not required to bring any gear.

We are asking all parents present and eligible students to provide proof of covid vaccination, and require proof of full vaccination and innoculation for every member of our adult program. Please email a photo of your vaccine card ahead of time to

Q: What is your covid protocol?

A: As of 12/12/22 ;

Adults Program: Vaccination required; masks optional. 100% of students have shown proof of vaccination.

Teens Program: Vaccination recommended, masks optional for vaccinated students, masks required for unvaccinated students. 89% of students have up-to-date vaccination.

Kids Program: Vaccination recommended, masks optional for vaccinated students, masks required for unvaccinated students. 85% of students have up-to-date vaccination.

Quarks Program: Masks required for all students and parents.

Spectators: If you are sitting to watch the class as a family member, vaccination and masks are required.

We continue to keep all windows open, overhead + window fans on, doors and interior windows open creating cross breeze. Currently we have 18 windows that open on two sides of the dojo, plus three windows that open into the atrium providing direct air flow through the lobby.We have 8 powerful ceiling fans plus several window box fans moving air through both training floors. We have two industrial HEPA ‘smoke-eaters’ in each room to further filter and circulate the air quality. Additionally, we have hand sanitizing stations throughout the Dojo.

Q: How do I enter the building?

A: We’re located on the third floor of 2390 Mission Street, Suite 305, on the corner of 20th/Mission. Our after hours entrance and exit is located on the 20th St side of the building. If you find the side entrance closed upon arriving for an evening class, please use the key pad to search for and dial “Quantum,” or type “305” and we will buzz you in. Then, to enter the building, the passcode is: 1217. Right now our Dojo is accessible by stairs and elevator, located inside the atrium of the building. If you have any challenges entering the gate, please call (415) 810-1420. Otherwise, just follow the sound of kihaps!

Q: I see on your calendar that class begins at 5:15pm, why are you asking me to come at 5pm?

A: All new students are required to attend a 15 minute orientation with Master Evans prior to their first class. This is an opportunity to ask any questions you may have, get a tour, and learn the rules of the Dojo. This is mandatory, and students who are late to their orientation will be asked to watch the class and return for their orientation another day.

Q: I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, should I wear it?

A: Quantum is a proprietary style, the creation of Master Rachael Evans. Many students at the Quantum Dojo have trained in other styles, and everyone is asked to start from the beginning and put on a white belt. While the Quantum beginner’s program borrows heavily from Tae Kwon Do, it is blended with other styles to create a unique perspective on the martial arts.

Q: I’ve never done martial arts before, is that okay?

A: Yes! We all begin as white belts, and the majority of our students have never trained in another style before. Come with beginner’s mind, and you will do great.

Q: What should I expect from my first class?

A: Once you go through your orientation, you will be invited to attend the class that follows. All of our classes begin with a comprehensive warm-up of yoga and calisthenics. Following this, there will be a General class composed of any of the following things: footwork and flanking drills, punching or kicking practice on targets, stance work, forms, combos, and more! There is no contact sparring at the white belt level, or within our youth programs at all.

Q: I tried my first class, what’s next?

A: Check out our schedule, and let us know when you can come back! We ask for heads ups during the trial week, but once you’re enrolled, you are welcome to drop in to whichever class you’d like.

Q: How much does my trial week cost?

A: Your first trial week is free. During this time, we invite you to attend as many classes as you can; get a feel for our style, culture, and community, and really decide if this is the right fit for you.

Q: I love your Dojo, but I don’t have time to train right now. How can I support your mission?

A: Thank you! There are many ways to support out community, such as offering a tax-deductible donation, writing a Yelp! review, and following us on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected.

If you have any other questions, or would like to schedule your first trial class, please fill out our contact form.