Red Belt One-Steps


Attacker: Lunge Punch to the face.
Defender: Trap , lead with right hand to a twin trap. Follow up with a left horizontal knee strike to the ribs. Step down and apply pressure with the right instep to the attacker’s right knee to a take down. Follow with an axe kick.


Defender: Left palm block (O-I), then step through with the right foot 45 to the right. Simultaneously thrust your right hand straight through in front of attacker’s neck and push on their right shoulder to spin them around into a choke hold. Follow with a neck break.


Defender: Execute a twin trap (pushing down) circling back around to a twin eardrum pop as you step back to a pseudo back stance. Step up with the left foot to an X – stance, execute a right elbow to the face. Spin around counter clockwise 180 to another X- stance and execute a left elbow strike to the ribs. Continue rotating another 90 and execute a right dropping ridge hand to the back of the neck.Grab the back of the head with both hands and step back with the left foot to an extra deep back stance and scoop attacker to the ground.