High Blue Belt One-Steps


Attacker: Running hook lunge punch.
Defender: Left high rising block simultaneously grabbing the back of the attacker’s head with the right hand. Turn your body 90 to the left, stepping backwards with the left foot and redirect the attacker to the ground. Maintaining control over the right arm, circle it around behind the attacker’s head to a hog – tie.


Attacker: Sliding back fist.
Defender: Block then grab attacker’s arm and drop to left side executing a right side kick to the ribs or a right round kick to the groin (depending on the size and position of the attacker). Then scissor take down and ax kick to the tail bone.


Attacker: Lunge jab.
Defender: Left high middle block, and right tiger mouth to the throat. Then, maintaining control over your attacker’s arm, turn 180 to the left and execute a shoulder or hip throw.