Green Belt One-Steps


All one step attackers step back with the right foot into a fighting stance, then step forward and punch in a fighting stance.


1. Drop on right knee, knife hand rising block and rising reverse ridge hand simultaneously. Grab the back of attacker’s leg with the right hand, take down and leg weave to a pin and hog-tie.

2. Step forward with the left foot, front stance, knife hand rising block. Reverse horizontal elbow strike (outside – inside). Grab back of attacker’s head, and execute a vertical knee strike to the face.

3. Step backwards with the right foot while pivoting 90 to the left to a fighting stance, knife hand middle block, right ridge hand strike to the groin. Using both hands, execute a clockwise wrist lock, while pivoting 270 to the right, stepping with the right foot. Round kick to the face, then ax kick to the back of the head.