Arm Bars and Weaves

At the Intermediate level, Quantum students begin learning standing grappling, closing the distance through entering and trapping range and making close contact with a partner. The exercises give the practitioner an entry point and lead to traps, locks, bars, and weaves of the arms and wrists with the goal of gaining control over one’s opponent.

Below view a video of Arm Bars 1–5 and Arm Weaves 1–5.

Standing grappling is part of the curriculum for the following levels:

• Adult Program (age 13+): Low and High Green Belt

• Teen Program (age 10–14): Low Blue Belt (0–1 stripe)

• Kids Program (age 6–9): High Blue Belt (2–3 stripes)

Navigate the video:

• Arm Bars 1–5 — 0:00–8:00

• Arm Weaves 1–5 — 8:00–15:30