Daniel Playground

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Every new student is required to attend a brief orientation session with Master Evans, and you are invited to participate in or observe class immediately following the orientation (If under 18, student and at least one guardian must be present).

  • Age 13+: Tuesday or Thursday at 6:45pm; or a Saturday at 1:15pm
  • Age 10–14: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 5:15pm
  • Age 6–9: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday at 4:15pm; Wednesday at 5:00pm, or Saturday at 9:45am
  • Age 3–5: Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at 4:00pm; Tuesday or Thursday at 3:15pm, or Saturday at 11:15am

You may also call (415) 810-1420 or email rachael@quantumsf.org.