Blue Belt One-Steps


Attacker: Rear leg front kick to the groin.
Defender: Step backwards with the right foot to a back stance, ridge hand down block. Then, turn hook kick with the right leg. Step forward while pivoting 180 to the left to a back stance, reinforced right horizontal elbow strike to the face, hammer fist to the groin, back fist to the face.


Attacker: Rear leg round kick to the face.
Defender: Step forward with the right foot while pivoting 180 to the left to a back stance, knee break. Right elbow to the solar plexus, right hook kick to the groin. Wrap your right arm around the back of the attacker’s head, pivot 180 to the right, and execute a horizontal knee strike to the face.


Attacker: Lunge punch to the face.
Defender: Evade to the right by stepping forward with the right foot, and execute a reverse horizontal hammer fist to the solar plexus. Pivot 90 to the left, reverse knife hand strike (O-I) to the back of the neck. Using the right foot, kick to the back of the knee to take down, then ax kick (O-I) to the back of the head.